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Transfering Domains from Godaddy to Name.com

For years I’ve been registering my domains and client domains with Godaddy. Though sickened by their never ending up-sell tactics and constant flow of email promotions, I stuck with them because I was never able to find an alternative registrar that wasn’t as whorish as Godaddy.

I was recently listening to a podcast on Shop Talk Show and there was some talk about domain pirating, and how Name.com got involved to help out even though they weren’t even part of the pirating fiasco. They decided to get involved simply because they cared. I thought that was impressive so I checked them out. Turns out they’re as cheap as Godaddy, have a nicer interface and they don’t try to up-sell other products. So, I’ve decided to move all of my domains from Godaddy to Name.com.

So long Godaddy and fuck you!