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Should We Still Use Web Safe Colors

It’s 2013, should we still be using web safe colors? Absolutely not! Long gone are the days where you need to be designing websites that only support web safe colors. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them.

I’m mainly just doing front end development these days so most of my work gets handed down to me from other designers. I noticed that a few of them still like to use a limited color palette. Every time I would open one of their Photoshop files I’d notice that the color pickers were set to ‘web safe color’. This got me wondering why they’d be doing this. As it turns out, it’s just easy. There’s not need to be micro-selecting colors from millions of options and the hex values are just easy to remember. The hex values are all set in pairs, like #0099CC. This makes it super easy for me also cause all I need to remember for CSS is #09C. I love easy.

When I searched around the web for ‘web safe colors’ all I found were ancient looking websites with ugly swatch grids. I wanted something nice that displayed all the web safe colors so I built my own. It lives here. It’s responsive so you can just launch this tool on your smartphone or tablet and you don’t always have to flip back to Photoshop. It’s also a super handy tool for filtering through color ranges. Check it out at websafecolors.info