S Studio Snapsize - Web Designer - Nelson BC, V1L 4J1

New Year Resolutions

Good ideas come and go fairly quickly and I tend to procrastinate a lot so I figure this might be a good time to blog about a few projects and goals that I’d like to accomplish this year.

Learn New Technologies

There are tons of things I can throw myself at but I think I’ll keep this list pretty simple. I’d like to learn new programming languages someday but for now I’ll just stick to what I know. This year I’d like to:

  • use GitHub on personal and client projects
  • deploy projects with Beanstalk
  • learn to use CSS3 animations
  • try out mixture.io
  • try out brackets.io

Personal Projects

This is the area I’d like to focus most on this year. A lot of these items are simply for improving my workflow with responsive web design. The list:

  • build a style board/style tile WordPress theme
  • build a wireframing WordPress theme
  • build more responsive themes for Minimal WP Themes
  • build a boilerplate for responsive.gs

Personal Life

I’ve been pretty married to my work for the past five years. Last summer I was blessed with my first child and this opened my eyes up to how precious life really is. This year I’d like to:

  • hang out with my amazing daughter and her beautiful mother as often as possible
  • spend more time with friends and family
  • get better at sailing
  • set up a pottery studio in the basement
  • take more short trips/camping