S Studio Snapsize - Web Designer - Nelson BC, V1L 4J1

New Skin, New Vision & New Year

Greetings and welcome the newly designed snapsize.com, it’s new vision and 2013!

For the past 5 years now Snapsize has been my web design portfolio. This was the place were potential clients would come to view information about my past projects and decide if they wanted to hire me. That was the goal anyhow. I had high hopes about getting new clients through this site so I spent billions of hours(not really) optimizing it for search engines and updating my portfolio with shiny new screenshots of my latest and greatest work.

Unfortunately  that’s not how it went down. The reality is that most potential clients are finding me through referrals and almost 100% of my visitors are other web developers and designers visiting from some of my personal projects like cssfontstack.com, responsive.gs, websafecolors.info, minimalwpthemes.com and brixxletterpress.com.

I’m ok with that. In fact, I’ve decided to turn this website into a design and development blog rather then a portfolio. This website will now be used to blog about functions, code snippets, and plugins that I use throughout projects. So, welcome fellow web designers and developers and stay tuned for new posts in the new year. If you’re dying for some snippets you can check out my snipt.net profile here.

If you’re a potential client you can find out more about me at denisleblanc.com.